Posted by: Quilly | July 9, 2007

Making Music



  1. Cook new digs! I’m lovin’ it.

  2. COOK new digs? My fingers typed COOL new digs. You gotta get your keyboard receiver fixed. Just sayin’.

  3. to say

  4. TLP — must be OC’s fault. (And that’s to be my standard disclaimer for all things fallible.)

    Nancy — hello! Hello! How are you liking our new site?

  5. Ooooh…a joint blog! Fun!

    What a great picture.

  6. Jenna — thanks — which picture are you referring to, the Friday Harbor Ferry, or the pic of OC’s hands? I took them both. OC was very patient with me climbing all around the rocks taking shots of him with my camera while he practiced.

  7. Both but the one of the trumpet and OC’s hands is what I was referring to in my not-so-obvious way. 🙂

  8. Jenna — Thank you. I am very proud of that photo. It came out exactly as I envisioned it — which is rare.

  9. happy new home!
    i like this photo, btw

  10. Polona — wow! You like my photo. I am honored!

  11. […] originally posted on O’Ceallaigh & The Quill, July 9th, 2007 Photographer: Charlene L. […]

  12. […] night in Friday Harbor, Washington when I walked with OC to the point, where every evening he played his trumpet while the sun set and the moon […]

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