Walk With Us

This is the beginning of our hiking trail.

The signs warn against wheels of any kind, picking the flowers, or feeding the beasties.

I usually try to leave the apartment before OC, but this is pretty much all I see of him — and that not for long. (OC told me to tell you that this is his best side.)

The trial has many twists and turns. Each reveals a new facet of its personality.

Off to the right …

Over your head …

And to the left …

More twists and turns ….

Basking in sunlight …

And back to the beginning, which is now the end.


  1. This kind of makes me ache. I long for those days when my husband was able to walk with me in the woods.

    Enjoy it. Every minute of it. Just looking at the photos, I can smell the woods. I love that smell.

  2. I liked our hike in the Woods, it is definitely Peaceful. I can almost hear the birds chirping, the bugs buzzing and the wind through the tres.

    Oh to get away from this Concrete Sea.

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Brian — nice to see you again!

    TLP — we don’t actually walk together, OC moves, I meander. However, I understand your sentiment and I am not taking our time together for granted.

    Bill — don’t forget the woodpeckers and the tall creaking pines.

    Jenna — yep — I don’t even try to keep up. He does the trail 1.5 times, to my .5.

    Polona — there is much for your camera there.

  4. Brian — you’re on mine, too, but I don’t alays do a good job of reading them.

    Kat — I actually hale from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — which isn’t too far from here. However, this place has the added bonus of being mellow and peaceful. (With the exception of the mosquitoes, which appear to be exceptionally violent.)

    However, this place is indeed an extreme change from Vegas — and one definitely for the better.

  5. It’s just so GREEN! And I so homesick and envious! But happy for both of you that you get to enjoy the beauty of nature together.

  6. Gawpo — just a couple of more days. Which air strip do you use?

    Brooke — Green is what I asked for and OC delivered big time! Today a fawn came to the patio door just after dinner. Stay tuned for photos.

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