Speaking of “chumps”, Bill …

It wasn’t even a month ago, as those of you who read Quilly’s blog will remember, that she shelled out some of her hard-earned dinero for a new laptop computer. And you’ll remember how excited she was to have it.

Well, the machine has repaid her devotion.

With the blue screen of death.


The [expletive deleted] machine isn’t even 30 days old, and the hard drive is gone. Taking with it that lovely library of photographs (like those here and here and here and here) that she’s been accumulating over the last month. And Quilly knows what else.

And all this after constant battles with Windows Vista Home Premium that, after it was too late, I’ve found echoed in the weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and cries for continued support of Windows XP (or else), that are splashed like the blood of the innocents all across the Internet.

Quilly was far too polite to mention it, but we spent considerable bandwidth, in the days leading up to the purchase, debating what to get. As a confirmed Macaholic and Windowphobe, I was (to say no more) uncomfortable with the purchase of a PC-type machine – any PC-type machine – but I couldn’t argue with the fact that the PC-types are cheaper. Not to mention more abundant (and hence easier to network and get WiFi for).

Quilly was also far too polite to mention that her first attempts to buy an inexpensive laptop computer, at an electrical metropolis that shall remain nameless to spare the blushes of the offenders (I’m catching Quilly’s spirit of charity, sorta), were obvious bait-and-switch ploys.

Well, the call’s been placed (a real person actually answered the phone in real time), the problem’s been diagnosed, and the solution reached. The laptop will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer, and delivered unto my co-blogger.

In three weeks.

Three ruddy weeks.

And my machine will be working – the class I teach starts tomorrow today (16 July 2007).

There are community computers here at the Friday Harbor Labs, which Quilly is welcome to use as a member of the FHL community. So, I trust, she won’t be completely cut off from the Internet during times when I and my laptop are away. But spare her a thought anyway … and drop her a line. I can at least read to her any comments that show up here …

Get a Mac! 😉

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. Oh, bummer. Sorry to hear about that – and I know that Quilly-Sister will be lost without her computer. Hope it was just a lemon, a one time thing, and that the replacement wil work wonderfully.

  2. Hi O.C…..hang on…..in a few years this will seem like just a bad dream.

    Quilly…..ouch! Not your pictures! My neice’s husband accidentally deleted 600 of her precious pictures (that was two months of picture taking) and the earth SHOOK. Somehow, a computer wizard got some of them back.

    I’ve tried computer withdrawl. It hurts. Enjoy the reading, dear Quilly………….Judy

  3. uh… sorry about the crash… don’t yu just hate it when these things happen 😦
    hope they’ll be able to retrieve the stuff or at least ome of it

  4. Ohhhhhhhh dear! Oh Quilly… I’m sO sorry. Oh O.C. … I’m sO sorry (you have to live with her). JUST KIDDING! *sheeesh* Maybe a miracle will happen and it will only take 2 weeks! I’ll pray!

  5. Folks, thanks for your good wishes. You’ll be happy to know that Quilly’s coping well so far. Of course, at this rate, she’ll have read every book on San Juan Island, up to and including mathematical discourses on the causes of the changes in the obliquity of the ecliptic, by the weekend. And I’ll have gained twenty pounds by that time, eating her cooking – even without benefit of Internet to look up her recipes.

  6. Oh that’s so sad. I’ve also heard so many complaints about Vista. Is it just Vista that’s not working or is it a hardware problem?

  7. OC rose to a breakfast of egg, sausage and toasted English muffin this morning. He is NOT complaining, and I don’t notice any food left behind on his plate when he excuses himself from the table.

  8. Doug — I actually complimented OC on his restraint and mild manners — of course he may not have felt it was a compliment since I started with the sentence, “Who are you and what have you done to the man I love?”

  9. Funny I never used my mac except at school for Tisch.

    I have had several PC’s and never had an issue with them. All HP’s.

    I heard Vista sucks though so now they offer the Windows XP option.

    Always suck your good stuff into a flash drive.

    They should be able to get your information from your hard drive for you despite the blue screen of death.

  10. One always thinks of the flash drive after it’s too late, eh, Cooper? 🙂 😦

    And yes, data can be recovered from anywhere. For enough dinero. Too bad the moths ate our debit cards …

  11. Ugh, I had the same problem…I was able to reformat my comp on my own though, meant I lost everything…but nothing important fortunately.

  12. oh my, that is terrible…………I couldn’t live without mine for any length of time….kinda like a phone…one of the neccessities of life today.
    xoxoox C

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