Scientists Are Strange: A Proof

Scientists are strange. I know. I live with one. To him everything is an experiment — even dinner.

I made deviled eggs — well, I tried — but the only vinegar in the house was balsamic, and it pretty much over-powered the eggs. O.C. took a bite of one, looked at it askance, then finished it.

Me:  Do you not care for the eggs?

He:  Maybe just a bit too much mustard for my taste.

Me:  Maybe, but I really think it’s the vinegar. All I had was balsamic and it’s just too sharp.

He:  Oh? [Then he picks up another egg and takes a bite.]

Me:  [shocked]  What are you doing? I don’t expect you to eat them if you don’t like them!

He:  I know, but you gave me new data. I wanted to recheck my facts and better understand why I don’t care for them.

[Oookay, folks, I don’t know about you, but for me, “I don’t like it!” is sufficient enough data to get me to stop eating!]

* * *

I finished writing this post and read it to O.C. He cracked up laughing.

He:  “Touche!”

Me:  May I post it? Do you mind?

He:  [persecuted]   Can I say anything to stop you?

Me:  [laughing]  Well, I didn’t make it up.

He:  I know. More’s the pity. [shakes head then shrugs, resigned] Sure. Post it.

Me:  I adore you.

He:  I love you, too. [very heavy sigh]

Me:  Hey!

He:  [evil giggle]


  1. My brother is the same way, has to analyze EVERYTHING!!!! Must be tiring to be thinking all the time. I would have stopped eating it if I didn’t like it just because I do not want calories from something I do not like! Although I understand his thinking because next time you have regular vinegar he will want to taste it to see if he likes it rather than dismissing it assuming it was made the same as last time like most of us would think. FUNNY!

  2. Polona — he invents a lot of stuff, some of it is even worthwhile ….

    Brooke — we do like to laugh.

    Lori — you and I think a like.

    Doug — the fact that he giggles at all is a joy to me.

  3. Quilly, thanks for reminding me, at Quilly’s Quips, to pop in here. I had forgotten for days on end to check in. I blogged once about “forgetting” and I wasn’t kidding. After the thighs go, the mind isn’t far behind. (…even though “the behind” is MUCH further behind than it used to be)

    You two are a hoot! 1+1 is 2 But, Quilly plus O.C. is larger than the sum. Reading back all that I had missed was certainly more than twice the fun. *brief discussion with Hubby to ascertain the correct wording for the following* Together you epitomize……the whole is equal to more than the sum of it’s parts. *Hubby just said to me, “You’re lucky I speak gobbley-goop because,” he says, “I don’t even know what that means.” LOL*

    EASY DEVILLED EGGS…..8 hard boiled eggs, 2 or 3 heaping serving spoons of mayo, 1 Tablespoon each of FINELY diced green onion and celery, salt & pepper. Mash (with a fork) 2 whole eggs and the other 6 yolks with all remaining ingredients…and you know what to do with it. If I’m in a rush, I use onion and celery salt or powder. NO VINEGAR in the cupboard? That’s O.K. You don’t need it anyway:-)………Judy

  4. Hm. I never knEW I had a bit of scientist in me! I would of had to recheck the data too! LOL! It’s SCARY that I understand that!!!

  5. Melli — don’t you dare tell O.C. I said so, but I may very well have done the same thing!

    Kat — that’s the nicest way of telling me I share too much ….

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