Posted by: Quilly | July 30, 2007

Moonlite Serenade

O.C. played such beautiful music the other night, the moon came down to listen.



  1. O.C. you are an amazing talent. 😉

    Gossamer spotlight
    Haunting notes, float
    on rippled waves

  2. Lovely poem, Brian. It compliments the photo well.

  3. oh… how romantic!

  4. Beautiful photo!

  5. The only time the moon comes down for me is to tell me to turn down the damn TV. 😦

  6. Polona — I love going out every night and sitting on the edge of the Harbor to listen to O.C. practice.

    Dan — thanks.

    Diesel — if it is any consolation, the sun was jealous and toasted O.C. yesterday.

  7. Wasn’t that a fun fullmoon?

  8. Cool photo and caption.

    I still cannot get over how much your life has changed! WOW!

  9. Morgan — yep. Full of music and admiration.

    Lori — boggles my mind too. Sometimes it is even a bit overwhelming.

  10. The measure of friendship is the tolerance for romance.

  11. Doug — O.C. endures. I am the romantic.

    And if this is too mushy for you, stay tuned for a bit of vitrol splashed on my other blog. I’ll post either later today or sometime tomorrow.

  12. […] originally posted on O’Ceallaigh & The Quill, July 30th, 2007 Photographer: Charlene L. […]

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