Field Tripping — San Juan Island Style

O.C. asked me if I’d like to go on a field trip with his class. I said, “sure,” and tagged along. Turns out he lied to me. We didn’t go to a field at all.

While the class hunted for seaweeds they recognized,

O.C. searched for pop-quiz material ….

and I quite happily went to play in the tide pools.

I encountered alien life forms …

and met a crusty hermit who deigned to emerge from his shell and chat with me.

As the “field trip” came to a close, O.C. paused to skip a few stones and I tried to catch it on film, but wasn’t coordinated enough to snap the shutter at the correct time.

It was a lovely time complete with picnic lunch, blue skies, even bluer seas and warm sunshine.


  1. Quilly and O.C……I’m sure the class enjoyed the trip and the day outside as much as I loved seeing the pictures.

    Math teachers and professors should be good at rock skipping because it’s all in the angle. (and the flat rock, of course) Check with the Math Dept.:-)…………Judy

  2. Polona — it was a marvelous day.

    Dr. John — O.C. is a pro.

    J.D. — O.C. gave me the lecture in rock skipping physics on the 4th of July — complete with a mini-lesson in rock choosing.

    Melli — Hermie scared me a bit. I picked up a pretty shell and he popped out to explain that it was already “taken”.

  3. The pictures show how peaceful it is where you are. To walk along a beach again, hopefully next year I can visit my family and walk along their beach.

    thankyou for sharing the pictures

  4. Silverneurotic — glad to inspire.

    Lori — yep.

    Mumma — yep, and I know it!

    Bill — it is peaceful. I am thinking I’d like to stay. Not much of a job market on the island, though.

  5. Doug — I’m not certain the hermit enjoyed it all that much.

    Diesel — you know, you’re right! I am going to have a talk with O.C. about that! Thanks.

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