Posted by: Quilly | August 7, 2007

A Visitor

Monday was a total waste energy wise.  I didn’t sleep well Sunday night, so Monday morning I just drug around the apartment, then in the afternoon I took a three hour nap!  After the nap I pretty well felt human and was ready to start my day — by cooking dinner.  Oops!

After dinner I cleaned up and O.C. went to a night class session.  When he returned we went to the point and O.C. practiced his trumpet for a bit.  The wind had come up and it was very chilly.  He cut his practice session a bit short.

After practice, we went back to the lab.  I was going to help O.C. with one of his experiments, but the equipment wasn’t ready yet so we went home, dished up some ice cream and found our favorite spots in the living room.

While we were savoring ice cream several little taps sounded from our French doors.  I looked up.  No one was there.  The taps came again.  I looked up.  I looked down.

A racoon kit stood on its hind legs with its hands pressed to the glass.  Its nose was working overtime, apparently smelling something it liked — probably the chicken wings we’d had for dinner.  

The baby raccoon was cute and I was excited.  I leaned forward and scooted to the edge of the couch.  The kit looked my way.  Our eyes met, we both froze for a second, then it ran.  By the time O.C. made it to the door, the baby was no where to be seen.



  1. I don’t think I’d be quite as amused…more like OMG I hope that thing doesn’t have rabies!

  2. oh that was cute…

  3. Aw. I always liked raccoons, even if they are, pound-for-pound, the most amazing pains in the back side.

  4. Awwwwwwww! How sweet! I hope it comes back!

  5. Your visitors you are receiving now seem to be a much better class of critter than some of the Critters in Vegas that you wrote about.

  6. Maybe that was the same raccoon I met up with!!! If so, he sure was cute…..but like a said before, he was just tooo friendly for me…..I want them to run away as soon as I get a good look at them not advance toward me so that I have to sing to get them to leave!! xoox c

  7. SN — it was outside, I was inside. Besides, he’s around every morning.

    Polona — it sure was. Wish I had a pic.

    Doug — yeah, O.C. ran outside to see if it had made a mess. It hadn’t, we keep the yard clean.

    Melli — every morning, with its momma and its twin.

    Bill — yeah, and — despite being called “wild life” — tamer, too!

    Caryl — none of the animals here run. Even the fox let me get much too close for O.C.’s comfort.

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