Getting to Know You ….

Okay, the personal goal for our Friday Harbor vacation was for O.C. and I to get to know each other before I quit my job and changed my entire life irrevocably. That way, if it didn’t work out, I wasn’t left jobless, homeless and hopeless.

Until lunch time yesterday, I thought things were going pretty well, then …. well, judge for yourself:

He: Hi, Love.

Me, standing in the doorway so he can’t get in the house: Hi!

He, hugging me: What’s for lunch?

He tries to enter the house. I don’t move.

Me: You want inside?

He: Well, yeah, if you don’t mind.

Me: Did I tell you today how much I love you?

He, wary: Yeah.

Me: And have I ever told you how happy I am that you are kind and patient and reasonable?

He, still wary: Yeah.

Suddenly his face clears. He smiles and nods, then he gently nudges me out of the doorway and steps into the house sniffing the air.

He: So, what’dya burn?

Can you believe that? He just automatically assumed that if I wouldn’t let him in the house to eat I must have burnt his lunch. How rude is that?


  1. UGH! Well! Thank goodness ya haven’t MARRIED the bum! Sooooo…. do ya suppose it’s too late to re-rent your broken down, barely air conditioned, crime ridden, noisy tin can in Nevada??? Or will you have to look for something else?

  2. OR… could fess up and admit that he is right on the mark and let us all know what it was you burnt and if he did indeed get to eat!!??!! xoxox C

  3. Now what I have trouble believing about this little episode, is that OC would ever say “whatโ€™dya”! After listening to the man over three days, I couldn’t help but notice that he is very articulate and precise in his language usage, (well, except for when he is acting out the parts of Dude and Dude)!
    As for believing that you burned something? Not so much trouble.

  4. Kat — I tried to tell him that he’s supposed to think I’m perfect. He just rolls his eyes at me.

    Caryl — his lunch was quite tasty, thank you.

    Brooke — I can feel the love. Pft.

    Jackie — O.C. was on his best behavior for you. Or, in his own words, “Jackie just wasn’t here long enough.”

    TLP — roast beef hash.

    Bazza — pft.

  5. Aww. You’ll hit your stride as a couple soon enough. Before you know it, you’ll greet him at lunch by saying, “Hi, honey. I burned you some meatloaf today.” He’ll reply, “Mmmm. Burned meatloaf is my favorite!”

    Wait a minute. Is he in trouble because he ASSUMED you burned it, or because you ACTUALLY burned it?? lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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