Posted by: Quilly | August 28, 2007

Actions vs. Words

OC, Runt (l), & Grifter (r) watch the lunar eclipse.

Close up of Runt (l) and Grifter (r).

OC and Runt, writing collaborators.

Runt, tuckered out.

OC says that he would just as soon we not have any pets. And I believe he means that, right?



  1. no pets? fat chance!

  2. I do believe it’s too late. Looks like he’s already been adopted by them. 🙂

  3. Um Quilly… I do think it’s pretty obvious he really doesn’t like them at all! Quit pestering the poor man….

  4. I don’t think cat’s give you a choice, and can I be the first to say what a fantastic pair of pants OC is wearing.

  5. Ahhh, I’ve seen tougher men than OC get sucked in by cute kitties. You know he’s a goner once he started writing with them.

  6. Yup, no pets. No cute wittle itty-bitty kitties for OC.

  7. My dad was like that. He told everyone how he hated our cats. Then if you came downstairs at night while my dad was watching TV alone, you’d find my dad petting the cats.

  8. I was pretty sure I knew where Grifter would end up.

  9. He would prefer to have no pets? Mm hmm. Oh, yes, I can absolutely see he means that. NOT! lol

  10. Polona — well, no pets for awhile. We sign a lease at noon today and it says, NO PETS.

    Brig — these cats belong to everybody in the hotel. They bounce from lanai to lanai begging for food and attention. They get plenty of both!

    Melli — I know. I’m such a nag. But I just can’t help it!

    Bazza, OC wanted me to remove that pic of his jammies. I told him nobody would even notice, so you just hush!

    Kat — he’s definitely a soft touch.

    Brian — he melts for all babies. Instant bonding.

    Nessa — well, OC never tried to tell me he didn’t like them, only that our lives are too busy and complicated to have our own.

    Doug — unfortunately, we can’t really keep him. Besides, Grifter is pretty much a gigilo. He’ll cuddle up to anybody for attention and food.

    Brooke — I anticipate he will break before I do. Right now I am enjoying the kitties, but I am pretty much content to let OC hold and cuddle them.

  11. Quilly

    Runt looks so much like my Barney I put to sleep in 2000, now I need to go to an animal shelter to find a cat that looks like Runt. A little sister for Haimish and Alexander.

    Thanks for sharing the post, the cats are so beautiful

  12. Bill — Runt needs a home. Come get him. It is difficult to get pets into Hawaii, but anybody can take them out.

  13. We will never hold a convention for the Blind in Hawaii because they will not allow the seeing eye dogs. Nice pics, though.

  14. I just spent well over an hour going back over all your blogs, trying to piece together your last year. Whew……I wrote you an email, but got no response, so I thought, well I guess if I want to find out just where Quill is and how she got there, I will need to read the blog archives. My memory is shot you know, so by tomorrow I will wonder again, but right now, I have it kind of figure out. haha. So congratulations on your move……

  15. Quilly, this does not look like a person who doesn’t want any pets….in fact….he looks right at home with a cat curled up on his lap. By the way, didn’t you have two cats? Or am I thinking of someone else…….but I guess it would be hard to move them that far. Cats don’t really travel all that well. We took my tabby to Texas with us, he did pretty good, but the trip home, about the last two hours, he cried the whole way. Were really glad when I could let him out of the van……..

  16. Oh, I read back a bit, and see, your lease says no pets. Well as much as I love pets, and I do. They are indeed a hasstle……you can’t leave they really tie you down, and there are many issues…….I have three cat boxes for ONE CAT. And two waterers, one on the porch, one inside, and guess who has to clean them every other day……pets are like kids…….very demanding, haha

  17. OC is such a soft touch, ya gotta love him, right?

    The kittens are adorable 🙂

  18. Lori — sure they will, after a three month quarantine. Pft. :p

    Nea — glad you found your way back. My life has undergone some amazing changes in the past year. Sometimes it dazzles me! The cats had to stay behind because of the cost of transportation and quarantine. They got a home with a nice little old lady who will spoil them twice as rotten as they already were.

    DaBich — OC is wonderful, and I do love him.

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