1. LOL! Oh … I’m SURE you two little love-birds can think of SOME way to occupy yourselves until the Internet Man gets there! I won’t worry about you a bit! 🙂

  2. Will look forward to you arriving back in Cyber~Space. I’d love to come and take Runt home, but Hawaii is a bit far to travel to adopt a cat, then I wouldn’t be able to bring the wee fellow across the border, so I will have to find one here. Thankyou for the nice offer though.

  3. Good thing I do not plan on checking blogs over the holidays…..Oh, hurry up!!!!! I cannot stand it…..I need fix…..FINE…..I’ll check in later…..way later…..after you been back for hours, maybe even days or weeks!

    Have fun moving!

  4. Slowly I am putting my links back together, I found your blog, and this one. Seems it would be an easy task, but actually it is taking me some time. So good to hear from you, and so glad I located you again…..

  5. Melli — I am in the unfurnished spare bedroom stretched out on the tile floor beneath the window just catching the edge of someone else’s wifi. OC is in the living room working on stuff he brought home from the office.

    Lori — I’ll see what I can do about posting between now and next Saturday when we have our own signal.

    Mumma — Melli is incorrigible.

    Nea — glad you found me. I had a peek at your front porch. It looks comfy.

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