Posted by: Quilly | September 2, 2007

What’s For Breakfast?

Pancakes. Warm coconut syrup. Portuguese sausage.

And Brazilian Cardinals.

Is this seat taken?

Hold the soy sauce, but I’d like some tea, please.

Come to OC.

Hey, you’re a little stingy with the coconut syrup there, aren’t you?



  1. Oh WOW! Awesome! They are sO tame!!! Amazing…. God is sO good!

  2. Now that looks like a fun breakfast no matter what one is eating!

  3. Melli — we were eating on the lanai (patio) of a restaurant. These birds are a bit overfed and very tame. This fella tried to join me in my plate, but I didn’t know him well enough to allow such familiarity!

    Lori — actually, the birds are rather choosy. They only do that for pancakes.

  4. gosh! they actually come that close?

  5. Polona, it actually ate from OC’s fingers — and of course my camera batteries choose that exact time to die!

  6. Very cool! I bet it came for the portuguese sausage.

  7. Doug — the Portuguese sausage was on my plate, and the bird had it’s eye on OC’s pancakes. It was OC who had his eye on the Portuguese sausage …

  8. What wonderful pictures, it made me think back to when I remember my Dad feeding the birds during the winter. All the birds would be sitting in the trees waiting for my Dad to come outside with the food. He’d stand out there and the Chickadee’s would land and sit on his finger and take the seed from his other hand.

    thankyou for sharing and allowing me to remember a memory I long forgot.

  9. Oh my gosh! Wouldn’t I just love to see one of them! How beautiful. And someone has been feeding that little guy for awhile, to tame it like that. I’d have shared my breakfast, too!

  10. Nope. Sorry. Still orniphobic. My daughter likes the photos though. 🙂

  11. Bill — in this instance I am glad to be the “trigger”.

    Jackie — he lives on the patio of a restaurant. More than a few someones has been feeding him a lot.

    Brig — that little bird is only this big, whereas you are TTTTHHHHIIIIISSSSSS big.

  12. I am soooo jealous. I love birds. I’d be lost without my birdfeeders. Our “regular” Cardinals aren’t this friendly, but I love them anyway. That bird is gorgeous!

  13. DaBich — this little fella lives at the resort next door. We ate breakfast there on the lanai. You can visit him, too, for the cost of a plane ticket and a plate of pancakes.

  14. Wow, he is so vibrant, and “close.” I wouldn’t mind having one of these sitting on my bird feeder each day to watch.

  15. Nea, when I first met these tame Cardinals I thought of the one you raised.

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