Posted by: Quilly | September 5, 2007

Great Expectations

If an Olive Tree . . .

produces olives,

and a Chestnut Tree . . .

produces chestnuts;

What would a Money Tree produce?


You wish.

Not even in paradise.



  1. *sigh* I do wish. I wish I were there.

  2. TLP — these posts seem to be having that effect on a lot of people. Maybe the Hawaii tourism bureau should be paying me?

  3. Hawaii…..beautiful. Send me a money tree please?

    I’ve missed reading you. Glad I found you again!

  4. I LOVE that twisty olive tree!

  5. That’s a rip off. I protest.

  6. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year to harvest?? 😀

  7. DaBich — OC says any plant growing outside of it’s native region is a weed. Money trees are not native to your region. Therefore, no money tree for you.

    Melli — I do, too. I am so thrilled with that picture I am thinking about making it my desktop.

    Nessa — That’s exactly how I felt.

    Brig — trust me, I’ll be keeping my eye on it.

  8. You’ll probably make more money shilling for tourism than with teaching.

  9. Brian — the thought has crossed my mind.

  10. Funny stuff, thanks for sharing.

    You may want to stop by the blog and see my Sister Edie’s and My Adventure to St Jacobs. We took a Vintage Train from Waterloo to St Jacobs and back. The videos turned out quite well if I must say so “Thump, Thump, Thump”. Listen carefully you can hear me pat myself on the back.

    Glad you are having fun in the sun,

    PS, If I win the Lottery I’ll come a visit, even bring that Pizza.

    Blessing to you and OC

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