Posted by: Quilly | September 23, 2007


We went to the beach.

We spread our towels in the sand.  We walked down to the water.  We discussed the incredible turquoise water — just like in the travel brochures.

The water was warm and wonderful.  Waves crested to white caps and broke around our feet.

I waded deeper into the water.  A wave swept over my head and I rode it to the beach, laughing all the way.  I did this again and again — OC did it even more.

We laughed and splashed and giggled as the waves tumbled us around.  After awhile we began to feel the sun and decided we’d had enough tropical rays on our lily-white skin.  We showered in the outdoor fountain (built for that purpose) and headed home.

At the apartment complex we decided, since we  were already wet, to pause at the pool for a couple of quick laps in fresh water and a soak in the jacuzzi.   The pool was much cooler then the ocean and we quickly began to shiver.  The jacuzzi, normally too warm to even contemplate, felt great.

Finally, exhausted but relaxed, we headed for our own unit.   As OC parked the car I thought about gathering our beach gear and making the climb to the third floor.  I figured OC must have been at least as tired as I was because even after the car shut off he didn’t move.  I turned my head toward him on the seat and said, “I am two too tired.”

He turned his head toward me and queried, “Bicycle or motorcycle?”



  1. This sounds like a perfect day.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. You’re making me miss my hometown.

  4. ohhhh… i wish the sea had been warm where i was…

  5. it took me a looong while
    to get that joke

  6. Nessa — yep. And I,m a bit more tan, too, but no burn!

    Brian — indeed. Reeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxed.

    Mumma — sorry, didn’t mean to make you homesick!

    Polona — next time, Hawaii!

  7. Not Too Bright — at least you got it. Took me a moment, too, and I was there!

  8. OC is trying to kill you.

  9. DOH!!!! Illegal use of puns!!!

    Oh, I wish I could have been there. I’m dying to see just how bad I am at surfing. 😀

  10. Kat — yes, and his weapon of choice is laughter.

    Brig — he’s full of’em. I am learning to retaliate. As to surfing, the ocean isn’t tasty enough for me to want to attempt that. Besides, I am not certain how attentive the life guard is.

  11. Well… sadly… I got it right away. I’m not sure that’s a GOOD thing though! I could handle a day like that about now ….

  12. Melli — I think you could easily join one of our conversations. That thought really should scare you.

  13. I’m jealous, seriously jealous, I wish I could pun like that.

  14. Well then, Bazza, you just come over here and hang out with OC for awhile because it’s contagious. However, you are already a very funny man in your own right.

  15. You both are just a couple of Kids in Paradise, Are you sure your plane didn’t take the 1st star on the right and head onto Morning? 🙂

  16. Bill — some days it sure feels like that . . . and it’s wonderful!

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