Posted by: Quilly | September 29, 2007

O’Ceallaigh in Concert

Here is a brief clip from last night’s Oahu Civic Orchestra concert. You may recognize the score (if you can recognize it through the static) from Pirates of the Carribbean. I am sorry that you have to make do with this poor quality film clip and weren’t there to hear the whole wonderful thing from end-to-end. It was a fabulous concert and I — along with a good many more people — quite enjoyed it. They will be playing again next Sunday and I’ll capture another clip for you.

For more about this concert, visit Oahu Dreams.



  1. thats amazing . i must say the music is so good !

  2. How FUN! I guess I can tolerate a little static…

  3. this must have been good!
    already looking forward to next sunday

  4. Quilly and O.C………That was wonderful to see O.C. in the back! Is it the “wind” or the “brass” section? I’ll really like it when I can turn my sound up and HEAR it. LOL That will take only a minute or ten……..Judy

  5. There’s a huge SMILE on my face. It was great!!! More, please……..Judy

  6. Very coolness.

  7. LV — welcome. Thank you.

    Melli — I am very disappointed in the quality of my camera sound, but one gets what one pays for ….

    Polona — turns out that OC may miss next Sunday’s concert. He has a plane to catch.

    Judy — brass — and the next clip was to be of OC’s jazz solo, but alas it may not be …. Glad you liked this one.

    Nessa — the concert, yes; but labeling my video such is a definite kindness.

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