Posted by: Quilly | October 7, 2007

OC Swings

The picture quality is bad.  The sound is bad.  If you are really disgusted by this offering I wouldn’t be offended if you sent me a top-of-the-line video camera.  Just click the sidebar link and email a request for my shipping address.

The Oahu Civic Orchestra played on Center Stage in the Ala Moana Mall this afternoon.   Here is an excerpt from the Duke Ellington Medley.  Someone with a good ear and a good eye (a really good eye) should be able to figure out why I chose to post this segment.



  1. Isn’t that OC in the white shirt in the back row in front of the bass?

  2. Thank you BRIAN!!! I thought maybe he was going to be dancing in the aisle or something! LOL! jk! How cool! So I guess he’s now achieved celebrity status – huh? Does his hat still fit?

  3. Brian — thank you for helping me emphasize how bad the camera is. You did identify OC correctly (was it the trumpet or the shiny head?), but his shirt is actually a light khaki green, not white!

    Melli — I wouldn’t call that venue celebrity status. The crowd was mostly moving from store to store (over 260 of them). On some of the softer pieces the noise of the shoppers obliterated the string section entirely — but the band did get some public recognition and the crowd enjoyed the pieces they could hear.

    Btw, neither of you have mentioned why I selected this piece.

  4. OC played a solo sequence?
    way to go!

  5. Yay, Polona, you got it!

  6. Why did you pick this piece? Because OC is your Duke and likes to blow his own horn?

  7. Brian — OC isn’t the over-Lord type. He’s also not all that thrilled that I feature him so often on this blog. That means you’re wrong on both counts. Sorry.

  8. He does play great though. 😀

  9. Brian — OC disagrees with that, too — but I don’t. When I posted this clip he grumbled at me and pointed out every flaw. I’d say the greatest flaw is how hard OC is on himself.

  10. He did a good solo.
    It’s typical of good musicians to find flaws in their performances. If they couldn’t, then they’d have nothing to improve and then would stagnate.

  11. Mumma — no matter what he does, he’s not good enough to suit him.

  12. If you look real close I swear OC is shaking a leg there. Really nice to see someone obviously enjoying what they are doing, and good of you quilly to stop your shopping for a minute to give us this treat.

  13. OC please tell me you weren’t actually emptying your spit valve on that nice lady to your right?

  14. Bazza — so, you aren’t sending me a better camera?

    Kat — he only filled one of her shoes.

  15. Quilly – Oh no, I was right?! Where is Mr. Holland when you need him?

  16. Kat — OC says the young lady on his right has a spit valve, too, and is more then capable of defending her shoes or anything else in jeopardy. (Btw, OC was also somewhat appalled by my slur upon his chivalrous manners. He said, “I would never …!)

  17. Thank you Quilly for your comment. yes, you are absolutely right. i shouldn’t despair, God will get me through it all..

    I once dated a professional trumphet player, he was still in highschool, but was originally from the Czech republic and he knew how to play..anyways, the great thing, i know, about trumphet players is that they are amazing kissers..those lips are strong, lol..

    Congratulations to OC. his playing sounds fantastic. how nice that you shared with us this clip and that you both keep on sharing with us your beautiful life.

    thank you for the visit. love to you and your nieces and Jackie…

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