Posted by: Quilly | October 11, 2007

Angels in Pre-School

Four year-olds on the playground. Motion and Mayhem. One falls down. Another runs to help him up. “‘Jou okay, fwiend?” the rescuer asks. The tumbler whimpers. They brush away grass and leaves. “Jou okay?” The question comes again. The tumbler laughs and yells, “Yes!” They hug.

I tell the rescuer, “That was very nice. You’re an angel!”

He walks away from me nonchalantly while answering, “I knowd. My mommy towd me.”



  1. I am sO gonna miss you the next 10 days! Nursery school stories is what I’ll look forward to coming back for! 🙂

  2. They’re so cute at four.

  3. oh, how cute!

  4. Melli — you are enjoying my torture? There is a name for people like that ….

    Kat — hmmm, mostly.

    Polona — thy’re like puppies and kittens, grooming each other one second and biting and clawing the next!

  5. Now if only we can encourage these children to remain gentle souls, imagine how wonderful this world would be.

  6. Gentle souls? Ten minutes later those two boys were trying to pull each other’s noses off.

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