Posted by: Quilly | October 13, 2007


While I was at work on Friday, O’Ceallaigh packed up his bags and left me.

He’s in San Francisco and won’t be back until Tuesday. This is going to be the longest weekend in history.

Feel sorry for me, please.



  1. Archie’s away for the weekend too… although, since OC’s on a plane, you know he’ll get there and find his way home. Archie is directionally challenged… I spent all of last night on the phone with him trying to give him directions using the mapquest stuff. It would have been alot easier if the town he was in used street signs but alas…

  2. Tina — Wow! I didn’t know Archie was coming here to Oahu — the island of optional street signs. (If he is coming in a car I think I understand at least one of his problems ….) 😉

  3. ((((((hugs))))))

    Feeling sorry. 😦

  4. Ok, I’ll feel sorry for you. 😦

  5. Brian — thanks. How was your birthday?

    Donna — I am glad you do. OC read this post and admonished, “Don’t write things like that!” Then he said, “Sigh.”

  6. […] the phone last evening.  While they talked he checked out her new posts on their blogs.  He read, Alonely, and said, “You are a brat!”She [shocked]: “Did you just call me a […]

  7. i know, each day feels like eternity when you’re separated from the one you love.
    but it’s almost over, so…

  8. Oh darn! I missed this! I really WOULD have felt sorry for ya though! Really! … … you didn’t run out of GAS did you???

  9. Melli — I did have to buy gas for my own car — the night before OC left. That’s the thing about magic. Once exposed to daylight it dissipates.

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