Posted by: Quilly | October 14, 2007

Who’s A Brat?

She called him on the phone last evening. While they talked he checked out her new posts on their blogs. He read, Alonely, and said, “You are a brat!”

She [shocked]: “Did you just call me a brat?!”

He: “Yes.”

She: “Why would you say that?!”

He: “Because it’s true. Besides, just this afternoon you said so.”

She [indignant]: “I said so?”

He: “Yes, you said so. To whit: ‘I am my father’s daug –‘

She [incredulous]: “Did you just call me a twit?!”

He: “No, I did not. I said, ‘to whit.’

She: “There! You did it again. You called me a twit.”

He [mumbling]: “Grump. Grump. Grump. Grump.”

She [laughter].

He: “You know you really are a brat?”

She: “Yes. But I love you.”

He [resigned sigh]: “I love you, too.”

She: “Hey!”

He [laughter].



  1. see? you’re gonna make it alright 🙂

  2. I do feel sad for you but I suspect you to be a very very brat.

  3. You two are so sweet together. *sigh*

  4. Polona — still alone and lonely

    Nessa — I am not! Besides, it takes one to know one — so there! Pft.

    TLP — but we’re all natural, sans saccharine!

  5. That’s cute. lol

  6. Donna — I am adorable. Thank you.

  7. What it is eh.

  8. Bazza — I am wounded!

  9. To whit.

  10. That pretty much cinches it, Morgan. YOU’RE the brat!

  11. LOL! The double meaning was clear? *shock* I should have pluralised it then. Two whits. Or something.

  12. Morgan — You know that section of floor we offered you for sleeping on when you come diving in Hawaii? It has just moved from indoors to outdoors.

  13. Well, all I can say here is that I AM a brat… so if it takes one to knOw one… *shrug*… I think you’ve been spotted babe! Sorry! *g*

  14. Melli — I am the youngest child. Brat just goes with the territory.

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