Posted by: Quilly | November 1, 2007

Per Your Request — Sort Of

Have you noticed that Quilly posts a lot of pictures of OC on the blog but all you ever see of her, besides that snap to your right, is her hands or feet? Well, even if you haven’t noticed it, OC has. And he wants something that closer approaches equality.

Here you have OC’s back side.

And here’s Quilly’s.

She said: Now, is that fair or what?

He said: Somebody I know runs and hides anytime I get anywhere near a camera. One fine day …



  1. Your back. And you’re beautiful.

  2. Quilly MADE that costume? WOW Quilly… more talents I never knew you had! You GO girl! It’s a GREAT costume!

    Which inch of your backside is that??? You better be careful… sounds like OC might get into some NIGHT photography! You do NOT want photos of you in that CPAP posted!!! ROFL!!!

  3. Gawpo — was I gone?

    Melli — I made the costume. It took more time to paint the stars on then it did to do all the rest of it. As to my backside — I assure you 75% of it is represented in that photo. I took it myself by holding the camera out to my right rear.

  4. Great costume, Quilly.

    Um, OC? If you are looking for equality, you shouldn’t be in a relationship. I mean, really.

  5. πŸ˜†

  6. Nessa — hey, are you trying to get OC to leave me?

    Brian — πŸ˜€

  7. is OC’s neck sunburnt?

  8. Nancy — that’s his normal skin tone here in Hawaii — kind of a reddish brown. It isn’t as bright as this photo makes it seem.

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