He Said, She Said: We’re In . . . .

He and she were sitting together on a Saturday morning, focusing on the world as seen through the lenses of their laptops. She said, “I could use a hug.” He continued to type.

After what seemed an eternity, he leaned back from his screen. He yawned and stretched, putting his two hands together and lifting his arms above his head.

She said, “Oh, perfect. Your arms are just right“, and she pulled them down around her. He gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, “I’d tell you you’re incorrigible, but you’d just tell me we’re in Makaha.”

She said: “You’re right. I probably would.” They savored the hug.

She sighed and then said, “I’m in love with you.”

He said: “Is that part of Makaha?”

She laughed, then accused, “You’re the one who’s incorrigible! Besides, when you took up with me you knew what you were getting into.”

He said: “I did not. A whole year ago how could I have known we were going to move to Makaha?”

She took a playful swing at him. “We’re both looney tunes. We’re incorrigible together.”

He heaved a long-suffering sigh and said: “I keep telling you …”

An O’Ceallaigh & The Quill collaborative production.


  1. Lori — we love living with us. Life is good.

    Sauer Kraut — thanks, we have several rooms, though for the most part we only seem to use one at a time.

    Annette — define met. Both OC and I have been chatting with him for quite sometime.

    Honeymoon — !

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