O’Ceallaigh Goes to Pre-School

Yesterday afternoon school was released early and Fun Fair ensued. There were games and activities for all ages. Prizes to be won and food to be eaten. It was the school’s annual classroom fund raiser and all activities were run by the school staff.

Preschool put up two games —Rough Water Fishing and Wheel of Fortunes. It takes two to three people to run each game. One to take tickets, one to monitor the actual game play and one to pass out prizes. Two people can manage the game, but it increases the management stress level which in turn decreases participant fun.

Because we did not have enough people to man the games I recruited OC. He arrived hesitant and bewildered, but fetched and carried and did as he was bid as we set up the games. Then the children came and the games began. OC was a hit with kids and grownups alike.

We ran the Rough Water Fishing game. The objective is easy — catch a little plastic fish using a pole with a magnet on the end of the line. The fishing is done in a Kindergarten Water Table, and the bubbles were made with a portable home spa. My team teacher took the tickets, I distributed prizes and entertained the kids waiting in line. OC managed the game — and did so with style making both kids and parents laugh. The fish came in five body shapes — puffer fish, gold fish, sting rays, angel fish and sharks. Everytime somebody caught a shark OC would act like he was terrified to release the little four inch plastic beastie from the hook. He would say such things as, “Sharks bite you know” and, “I could lose a finger doing this”. He would also make them wait in suspense for several seconds before he showed them the bottom of their fish and what prize they’d won.

My team teacher was amused and amazed by OC’s constant puns, and pointed out that the two of us were boring in comparison to him. He made the game.

I’d say he scored an A+ in preschool.


  1. Melli — he won’t admit it, but the grin on his face was very telling. He had a great time!

    Polona — some Phd’s would fail preschool miserably, but OC is still more then able to relate to little kids.

  2. Pre-school is always more fun when we aren’t looking over our shoulder to see where Mom disappeared. Sounds like everyone had a great time. I remember that fishing game with the magnets. Thanks for the memories:) OC deserves a certificate for good behavior.

  3. Yaaaay! Now he gets to go back tomorrow, right?? 😀 And of course he passed. Teacher was only a few feet away, making sure that he played well with others. 😉

  4. Pauline — next year you can come and help, too. Make some new memories!

    Brig — OC’s visit to school was so traumatic they’ve shut the place down for three days …..

  5. he seems to be smart in academically and still have social skills.

    it was nice of him to help out and it sounds like it was a great day at school.

    these are the memories these little ones treasure you much. thank you for doing this.

  6. I am not surprised….for a second I was worried he’d tell the kids about teh different kind of plants there are under water…but he showed tremendous restrained. God on you, OC! A job well done…keeping kids entertained is not soemthing they teach when you study the plant world and you deserve credit!

    Quilly, smart of you to recruit him 😉

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