Posted by: Quilly | November 12, 2007

Life Is Good

Lunch: leftover Kalua Pig, assorted raw veggies and an extra helping of laughter.  Knock, knock jokes, “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?“, and lone carrot sticks that must be eaten because the broccoli and cauliflower will pick on it if they are saved in the same storage bag.  Arguments over too much food being served and counter-arguments over not being forced to eat all that is provided.

Dessert: hugs and kisses.

My life is good.  I am blessed and content.



  1. Sweet.

  2. wow…adn we are happy for you! We really are. I love when life is good for others and me of course. I am no saint¨!

  3. Nessa — that’s my man.

    Minka — happiness is good. I wish it for the world, but — alas — in order from some to be happy, others must be sad.

  4. *sigh* Kisses and hugs. I love it. ‘Course, YOU do too.

  5. *sigh* Kisses and hugs. You are in paradise kid.

  6. *sigh*

  7. NOOOOOOOOO! Oh Quilly… now you’ve done it!
    Every time I even THINK that business about being blessed and content, God says “Oh yea???” Don’tcha just know he’s gonna come up with a TEST now???

    It’s okay… I gotch your backside! You are ALL prayed up!!!

  8. ahh, how nice.

    so many of us are so happy for you guys.

    i love the way that cafeteria serves food…if only all the school kids in the world could eat so healthy and good.

    keep on smiling and keep on feeling the joy that peace brings.


  9. Melli — just Sunday OC asked me when the last time was that God tapped me on the shoulder.

    Louisiana — I cooked the Kalua Pig.

  10. ohhh… lovely.
    i’m happy for you

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