They were sitting side-by-side on the couch, each looking at the screen of their own laptop.

She said: I love you.

He said [without glancing from his screen]: I love you, too.

She said: Me and who else?

He said: Huh? [and looked up.]

She said: You love me, two. But there is only one of me.

[He made a growling sound and returned to his screen. She kissed him on the cheek. He relented and hugged her.]

She said: I’m thirsty.

He said: Me, too.

She said: Would you like some iced tea?

He said: Yes, I would.

She said: Good. Get me some, too.

[He gave her that look and went back to his computer screen. She kissed him on the cheek.]

He said: Okay, I’ll get you some iced tea.

She said: Since you offered so nicely I’ll get some for both of us.

[He made that growly sound again and went back to his computer.]

She said: Honey, sometimes you are very confusing.

He said [very dryly]: Indeed.


  1. Polona — believe it or not, we have at least one nonsense conversation a day — usually more. And some of them run so long — compounding day after day — that there is no way to share them.

    Melli — my team teacher must have felt the same way because she complained that OC and I share a very weird sense of humor.

    Brian — we don’t care for sugar in our tea — and it was mint, not lemon. As for the cookies, you bake’em and bring’em, I’ll serve’em.

    Donna — looks aren’t everything.

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