Posted by: Quilly | November 17, 2007


He returned home from choir practice and announced: “They want me to sing a solo next Sunday.”

She said: “I’m not surprised. What are you going to sing?”

He replied: “So low you can’t hear me.”



  1. i hope there aren’t any elephants in hawaii cos they use ultrasound in their communication and might rush in

  2. Polona, this is Hawai’i. Elephants are no threat. But if the whales attack O`ahu, I’m disclaiming all responsibility.

  3. lol… I happen to love his answer. It’s one I wouldn’t have been clever enough to come up myself but would apply to me… You know I can’t carry a tune!

  4. Brooke — neither could one of the lead singers in the play we went to last night, but she was still given a part. However, when I commented on it OC was quick to point out that I sing worse than she. He is always so good for my ego.

  5. That’s funny.

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