Posted by: Quilly | November 19, 2007

Mosquito Bites

She said: You can play dot-to-dot on my body.  Look! I have a mosquito bite here and one here and one here and one here …..

He said: You need to soak that one on your arm before it gets infected. I told you not to scratch them.

She said: I have no control over what I do in my sleep. And look, I have one here and one here and one here ….

He shook his head and got out of bed to walk away.

She said: Don’t you want to know which one bothers me most?

He said: Which?

She said: The one you haven’t got!



  1. I feel your pain. Sometimes I’ve had to resort to mosquito repellent when I go to bed [stinky!] but it certainly keeps the mosquitos and everything else well away.

  2. That is the way it is with my hubby and me….he gets all the bites and I hardly get any. Read the solo post and I finally got after about five seconds…(I am getting slow).

  3. there are mosquitoes in paradise?
    oh well…

  4. Do you part for the environment… feed a mosquito every day.

  5. McEwen — I have warned OC of just such an eventuality.

    Lori — hmm, that’s funny. Mosquitoes are usually in search of estrogen and more often bite females then males. However, if you take meds for your vision, they may be something mosquitoes don’t like, which leads them no choice but to munch on your poor hubby.

    Polona — the mosquitoes came to paradise for vacation and liked it so much they never left.

    Morgan — would you model the proper care and feeding of mosquitoes for me?

  6. Apparently mosquitoes like ankles that smell like a particular cheese the best. My husband gets bitten much more than me.

  7. Mumma — I smell like cheese? That’s it. From now on I’m bathing twice per day.

  8. Ohhhh Quilly! I SO relate to this! We have had 3 seasons in my marriage (mosquito seasons) where at some point during the night I wound up with 472 bites on each cheek! (and I’m not talking about my face!) And he ended up with … none. WHERE is the fairness in that? You know what I think? I think WE are just soooooooooo much SWEETER than them!!!

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