Posted by: Quilly | November 20, 2007

I Scream Anybody?

 She said: “Would you like some ice cream?”

He said:  “I guess.”

She said: “Well, if you don’t know, I’m not wasting it on you.”

He gave her that look, then said:  “I wouldn’t mind some ice cream.”

She said:  “Well, of course you wouldn’t.  That’s silly.  What kind of an order might ice cream give that anybody would feel compelled to obey?”

Again he gave her that look.   He took a deep breath, sighed, then spoke very carefully:  “I would like some ice cream.  Half of what you gave me last night, please.”

She queried:  “Half of what I gave you last night?”

He replied.  “Yes, please.  Half.”

Exasperated, she said, “I can’t do that!”

He demanded:  “Why not?”

She said, “Well, how am I to get it?   It isn’t as though you’ve just eaten it.  It’s sure to be digested.”

He made a  growly noise:  “May I please just have a small serving of ice cream?”

She said:  “Yes, dear.  All you had to do is ask.”



  1. “Half of what you gave him last night”, good job we read all of the post.

  2. Command and control, Quilldancer style.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving you two.

  3. LOL. I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving in paradise y’all.

  4. Bazza — I always try to offer full servings of laughter.

    Brian — I don’t think you understand, OC does this stuff to me on an hourly basis. I am rarely able to reciprocate.

    TLP — somehow I knew that you’d enjoy this particular serving of ice cream.

  5. believe it or not, i have a bowl of ice cream by my side as i write this.

    you two certainly don’t have a boring life 🙂

  6. In that case, more power to you Quill. 🙂

  7. and i’ll take the other half than please…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you hon and pls pass this on to your sisters and nieces.

    glad to read your adventures. xooxoxoxo

  8. ROFL!!! Goooooo Quilly! Keep him on his toes!

  9. Polona — we like to play and since ingles es loco it gives us lots to play with!

    Brian — much better. Thank you.

    Louisiana — you want the other half of the ice cream OC already ate? That’s just gross!

    Melli — it doesn’t happen very often but then I hit a groove and zap!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Quilly to you and yours. I’m thankful for so many things – Dr. John, many blog friends and people from all over the world. God is good.

    God Bless.

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