Posted by: Quilly | November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving one year ago: I spent the entire day wavering between dread and anticipation. For almost one month OC and I had been exchanging letters daily — and spending hours in chat boxes . When we’d last chatted he had given me a phone number and asked me to call him at 7 p.m. Pacific time on Thanksgiving night. (My long distance was free and he was at his mother’s home.) I agreed. Even so, I couldn’t help but wonder…
… would I like his voice?
… would he like mine?
… what would I say to him after hello?
why had I agreed to make the call?

As you have likely surmised, I made the call and all went well. In fact, we talked for four hours, then hung up reluctantly. This is a memory I treasure — a moment from the past year that I am very thankful for, so naturally I would recall it this Thanksgiving.

I mentioned the memory to OC last evening only to discover he doesn’t remember. Can you believe it?  So, even though I am not cooking today, it seems I still have a raw turkey on my hands.   Still, my last fella was full of romance but he had no substance. OC is solid — reliable, responsible and honest. If I have to choose between romance and substance, I’ll joyfully keep OC.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May the coming year bring you many more memories to cherish.



  1. hes a keeper

  2. Yep. OC says I’ve described him as boring. He isn’t. I’m often laughing and I’m occasionally exasperated, but I’ve never been bored!

  3. Reliable, steady and honest are the bedrock of a good relationship. I have the same, so know how lucky you are. Generally my husband is not all hearts and flowers gushy, but that would annoy me anyway. We’re two lucky women. And OC, that doesn’t make you boring. Soap operas suck.

  4. Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. you guys were clearly meant for each other.
    happy thanksgiving and may there be many many more!

  6. Nessa — amen. I don’t want or need high drama in my life — unless I get to make it to my specifications..

    Brian — our plans were unexpectedly changed, but we had a lovely day just the same.

    Polona — like magnets.

  7. You are soooooooo poetic! And yea…. I think you oughta hang on to him!

  8. Melli — he finally remembered, after reading that he’d had Thanksgiving at his mother’s. He didn’t remember THAT either! Too much stress.

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