The “No Post” Post

It is OC’s turn to post (in fact it’s been OC’s turn for days now …) but he is very busy. Right now he is in the spare room practicing the tunes from, Fiddler on the Roof. He is an alternate trumpet player in the pit orchestra and is scheduled for the next four performances. Because he is in the cast, OC received complementary tickets. We attended the play last Saturday evening. I quite enjoyed it and have been singing the songs in my head ever since.

I am very busy right now sewing. One of us will be back to post as soon as we have a free moment for original thought. Of course, while you’re waiting you could go by my cooking blog and check out the new recipes.


  1. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my FAVORITE musicals!
    And Sunrise, Sunset is one of my favorite songs! So… I guess I’ll forgive him for ignoring the blog.

    You really ARE shameless… new recipes?

  2. Aw…I love the post below.

    Many men who are “keepers” don’t have much romance in them. Mine doesn’t, but he’s wonderful just the same.

  3. Melli — if I don’t promote me, who will?

    TLP — I love the subject of the post below! He is a treasure.

    Polona — OC paused his trumpeting for the Fiddler and helped me with a geometry problem in relation to my sewing.

  4. I don’t suppose anyone wonders where li’l Elijah got his stage presence from, then, Mumma? 😉 The actor playing Fruma Sarah in our production is a trained operatic soprano. Takes some voice. Fortunately, I suspect you left the bitterness on the stage.

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