He Said – She Said: Telephunny

The phone rang. She answered. From the other end of the line he said, “Hi. It’s me.”

She said: “Hi, Me. How are you?”

He demanded: “Whose Jaime and why are you talking to him instead of me?”

He was on the telephone leaving a message for a colleague. She walked into the room and hugged him. Finishing the call he said, “I lov-, uh, g’bye.”

As he flipped the receiver closed, She cracked up laughing and said: “You’re going to have some explaining to do when you get into work.”

He said: “You short-circuited my brain.”

(Don’t tell him, but She likes having that ability.)

His cell phone rang. She realized he was just stepping out of the shower and couldn’t hear it over the fan. She picked it up and thrust it into the bathroom. He said: “What’s this?”

She said: “Your cell phone?”

He said: “I know it’s my cell phone. Why are you handing it to me?”

She said: “It made I-want-attention noises. Check your caller I.D.”

He said: “I’m not dressed. I can’t talk to anyone!”

She said: “Of course. By all means, put a pair of pants on your voice first.”


  1. ROFLMBO!!! Do you have ANY idea how GLAD I am right now that my husband does NOT blog??? I can just imagine the things that would get shared with the world at large…. *whew* … OC? I feel for ya bud! I really do!!!

  2. He should have taken the call in the shower and just pretended it was raining. Taking a call nude shouldn’t be a problem, just don’t tell the caller, it may throw them a bit

  3. Mumma — he claimed he just wanted a chance to dry off ….

    TLP — thank you. I felt that comment was particularly inspired.

    Brian — phones do have video. Mine is turned off.

    Brig — for some reason it is not one of OC’s favorite posts!

  4. thank God we don’t have video phones like Star Trek! the number of times I wouldn’t want to have been seen, but HAVE answered the phone…

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