Posted by: The Amoeba | December 4, 2007

The Blessings of Children

Hang around them all day, and they give you hugs, and kisses, and peanut butter sandwiches (partially used), and boxes of tissues (ditto). Teach them well, and they learn to share.

And the things they’re best at sharing are microbes. Forget mounting major scientific expeditions to assess microbial diversity. All one needs do is visit a single elementary school classroom.


Quilly’s got a doozy. She’s up, but I don’t know why, or for how long. Drop by if you would and send her some chicken soup. Just be careful how you send it, if it gets on her laptop’s keyboard, it’ll create issues. And she’s already had enough issues with that laptop.

Get better, hon.



  1. Quill, you need to be pampered and taken care of. Let OC fuss over you.

  2. down with those germs!
    sweet of you to post this, OC.

  3. Brian — I stayed home sick. OC stayed home to do the laundry and generally make certain I stay on the couch. He keeps trying to send me back to bed.

    Polona — OC is sweet. Even when I’m sick and growly.

  4. OC — sigh You make my heart sing.

  5. Oh yea! The chicken soup is PIPING hot! Quilly… don’t burn your tongue… we don’t want to add insult to injury… or injury to insult… or … just be careful!
    *Sprays MORE Lysol!*

  6. Melli — I wish my taster worked. I am certain this is lovely chicken soup.

  7. ok…I just brought chocolate. ‘Cause soemtimes it is just the right time, and a Tuesday night seems just as good a day as any…feel better soon!
    Oc, you are adorable.

  8. Minka — Chocolate! Oh man, I wish my nose wasn’t plugged! Don’t let OC eat it all before I can taste again!

  9. Minka! I didn’t know you … Does that mean I can take off the spaghetti hair now?


    (And yes, I’ll be sure Quilly gets some chocolate. Before I, or the ants around here, get it.)

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