Posted by: Quilly | December 26, 2007

Chill Factor

They had a very nice 4 day Christmas Holiday.

He was reading something on his laptop screen. She took his idle hand and placed it on her ankle. “Rub!” She ordered. He rubbed his thumb back and forth. He had yet to look at her. She repositioned his hand and said, “Try that again.” Again his thumb moved. “Much better,” she said.

He looked then, down at her ankle and the two swelling mosquito bites he was rubbing. He jerked his hand away and glanced at her in surprise and perhaps just a bit of reproach. “Well,” she said defensively. “Since you won’t let me scratch them, I thought I’d get you to do it.”

He grumbled, “Put some ice on them, then once they’re numb, find something to do to distract yourself before the itching returns.”

She stared at him in momentary silence, then reached over, stuck her fingers in his iced tea glass and fished out an ice cube.

He sighed in resignation and shook his head as she applied the ice cube to her ankle.

She queried skeptically, “Will this work?”

He replied, “For a few minutes. The trick is to distract yourself while it’s numb, then you can ignore the itching for a greater length of time.”

She stared at him silently, contemplating his words, then nodded her head. He returned his attention to his laptop screen.

A few moments later she lifted the ice cube, pleased to discover that the itching had indeed stopped. She looked at the ice melting in her hand, and looked at his ice tea glass. Sticking her fingers in the glass had been a bit rude, but returning the ice would be beyond the pale — so what to do with it?

She smiled to herself then dropped it in on his bare stomach. He yelped and snatched it off. “What was that for?” He seemed perplexed.

She smiled at him. “Well, I thought putting it back in your glass would be rude.”

He stared at her for a moment, the ice cube in his hand, and then replied, “Quite.” He tossed the ice cube toward the kitchen sink and missed. She giggled. He retrieved the ice cube and took it to the sink.

When he returned to the couch and his laptop she was reading her novel. They sat several minutes in silence. Finally she said, “I need another ice cube.”

“Hmmmm,” he said. Then he leaned forward, lifted his iced tea glass — and moved it to the other end of the occasional table where she couldn’t reach.



  1. […] See what I mean? Besides, it’s the holiday season. The first day of Christmas, even. And Quilly has already posted today. Something seasonable. Seasonably icy. […]

  2. ohh, that was pretty cool 🙂

  3. I guess if his tummy was bare he didn’t have a shirt on in which to slip it down his back, huh?

  4. Polona — OC said something along those lines ….

    Melli — no shirt. Our Christmas dress was quite brief. OC was in shorts, I was in shorts and a tank top. The windows were open, a gentle breeze was blowing and it was about 80F.

  5. Cheeky.

  6. Mumma — sometimes — on very rare occasions — I am a brat, although I’ll never admit it. 😉

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