Lily of Impending Doom

This is a Grand Crinum Lily. She spent weeks looking for the perfect photo op. The blossom begins to wilt almost as soon as it opens and it is difficult to find a fresh, crisp flower. In this photo you can see a few buds and many wilted remains — and, miracle!, a few fresh flowers.

They were driving along the main road of their housing complex. As usual She glanced over these bushes near the entrance. She expected to see nothing spectacular. Instead ….

“Stop!” She yelled. “Pull over!” Luckily He is a mind reader (or experienced with her quirks) and He knew, despite her hysteria, that there was no real crisis pending. However, He also knew there would be a crisis if he didn’t let her out of the car. He stopped.

“Hurry up!” He said, “We’re blocking traffic!”

She hopped out of the car, climbed into the bushes and began snapping photos.

He pulled the car as far off to the side of the road as possible. The street there is narrow and the curbs are high. There really wasn’t any place for him to go. He left the engine running and stayed behind the wheel in case he had to move. The bushes were tall, so for the most part She was holding the camera above her head, snapping the shutter and hoping for the best.

At home She downloaded the photos. He didn’t seem too impressed. “You certainly didn’t center those well,” He muttered.

“Hey, I’m short.” She answered. “I was taking these shots blind. I think, under the circumstances, they came out pretty well. You could have come and helped me, you know.”

“I was helping,” He said. “I was making certain nobody crunched your car.”

Boggled by his priorities, She shook her head.

Oh — and thanks to a little digital sleight of hand, she framed the photos just fine.


  1. Beautiful photographs capturing this seem elusive subjects. They look so natural and real. I like the story behind, too- the making of the photographs. It is endearing. No wonder the results are product of love.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. I have two of these, Crinum Lilies, and mine as with these start to die as soon as they open. But for that fraction of a minute they are quite beautiful…….I don’t have any pictures….mine are light pink. These are lovely. Glad you risked life and limb (and car) to take the shots..

  3. Isn’t photo editing software great, you pictures “Look Marvelous”. Hope you are having a good day.

    Quick Question if I may be so bold, when are you going to update “The Grown-Ups Wanted Us Dead”?

    Just a thought



  4. Nea — I am glad you enjoyed my photos.

    Polona — poor OC, I am going to give him heart failure one of these days.

    Bill — every so often I consider writing something for TGWUD, but I don’t sit still long enough. No winter here like in Vegas to keep me corralled.

    Kat — I do love digital photography. One can take a hundred photos without wasting film and keep only the ones that edit well.

  5. Lovely flowers. It’s really nice to come across someone who sounds genuinely happy as you do quilly, long may it continue (OC sounds pretty happy too, which I guess is good too!

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