Unreasonable Demands

She asks if he’s ready for his nightly bowl of ice cream.  He has been nibbling peanuts for the last two hours.  He looks at the peanut jar, its resources noticeably depleted, and says, “Yes, but you have to serve me little.”

She gives him that look.

“Wha–?!” He says.

She points at the refrigerator.  “Between here and there I don’t have much time to get smaller.  I have to bring you the ice cream this size, or you’re going to have a long wait.”

He says, “Okay. Your size is fine. Just bring me little ice cream.”

She said, “You’ll get Dryers Ice Cream, because that’s what I’ve got.”

He said, “Okay, but in a small bowl please.”

She complied, happy he was finally being reasonable.


  1. Quilly… do you communicate with your pre-schoolers this way too? I LOOOOOVE it — but I’m just wondering how THEY would react! Luz would take it well… she thinks all her adults are NUTS anyway!

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