He lifted his feet into the air. She vacuumed the floor. Afterward, She sat beside him on the couch and inquired as to the condition of his stomach. In response to her prompting, He allowed that his stomach would probably be happier if it were provided with a meatloaf sandwich. And some fresh veggies — and maybe some chips. And definitely a Coke. In a glass. With ice. Then, having answered all of her many questions, He asked one of his own, “Anything else you want to know?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed climbing halfway across his lap and pointing at the floor. “What I really want to know is why the floor — which I just vacuumed — is so dirty!”

He looked down at his feet, surrounded by debris. “I guess my feet weren’t clean enough.”

She, giving him that look, said, “I can fix that.”

He shook his head and boldly proclaimed, “I will not be defeated!”

She dissolved in a puddle of giggles.


  1. Brian — it is all in fun. We love language and we play with words all the time. There really are no “power struggles” per se, but there is definitely some competition to see who has the smartest mouth. (I lose much more often than I report.)

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