Sticky Situation

She said, “Would you like your ice cream now?”

He said, “Why yes, I think I would.”

She said, “Anything else?”

He said, “No. Nothing I can think of.”

She queried, “Nothing else?”

He said, “Not one single thing.”

She said, “Not even a bowl and a spoon?”

He looked quite startled. “Uhm, a bowl and a spoon would be rather nice, actually. I naturally assumed … ”

She admonished, “You should be more careful.”

He said, “Obviously.”


  1. Melli — moments like this I am usually getting even with him for starting with point A, blithely skipping points B-J, briefly touching on point K, finishing up with point Z, then asking a question about something he should have mentioned in point L.

    Or for spending 27 minutes explaining points X,Y and Z despite having skipped points A-W.

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