Posted by: Quilly | January 26, 2008

OC Crazymaker

She said: “I have to write a post.”

Thirty seconds later he said: “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

She said: “Huh?”

He said: “What’s wrong with it?”

She said: “What’s wrong with what?!”

He said: “The post.”

She said: “What post? What are you talking about?”

He said: “The post you have to right. What’s wrong with it?”

She said: “Argh!”

He giggled evilly.



  1. ouch! that’s pretty bad 😀

  2. phew, OC strikes back!

  3. Aniche — welcome. Stick around. You’ll find it gets worse.

    Polona — OC has no trouble getting even. In fact, he started it in the first place! I am usually the one getting even. I just don’t report all of his zings or I’d never get a break from typing!

  4. Oooo! Let me help! I’ll send MOM to wash your dishes!!! … and maybe I’ll come visit every now and then… How’s that???

  5. Melli — by all means, send your MIL. She is welcome to stay for as long as you’re with her…..

  6. Ugh…OC was stretching for that one!

  7. If you can’t right/write the wrong, then you should have just “left” it instead.

    (now THAT’s stretching it!)

  8. Kat — he always gets me with those because my attention has moved on to other things.

    Morgan — that one is stretched pretty thin, but in light of your usual extremes, it is pretty tame.

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