Snack Sneak

She made a bowl full of popcorn and set it on the couch between them. As she read her hand dipped in the bowl once, twice, three times. The fourth time she dropped her hand to the bowl she found only grease stains and popcorn hulls. “Hey!” She said, “Where’d the popcorn go?”

He looked up from his reading in surprise and said, “I guess I ate it.”

She said, “I expected it would last the better part of the afternoon.”

“Oh,” he said. “I like to eat it while it’s hot.”

“Fine,” she said, “Eat your share hot. Leave my share alone.”

Later in the week, She made a lovely plate of cheese, crackers, fresh veggies and beef stick. She set it on the coffee table between them. She ate a couple of the crackers and some of the broccoli while he was on the phone, but only a bit because she was expecting they’d eat together. When he finished speaking to the caller he handed her the receiver — and while she talked he ate everything on the plate. Later defending himself by saying, “Well how was I supposed to know you made only one plate of food for two people?”

Today she fixed lunch for the two of them, but because her tummy was upset, she ate only a bit. Later, after she’d napped, she realized she was hungry and went into the kitchen and made herself a snack. She put a little extra on the plate in case he wanted a bite or two, then She joined him on the couch.

He did have a couple of bites of her snack. She reached for her beverage and realized that she’d prepared one for him, but not herself. When she exclaimed aloud that She had forgotten her drink, He held out his hand and said, “Here, I’ll hold your plate while you go get it.”

She actually started to put the plate in his hands, but before his fingers closed around it She came to her senses and cried, “No,” jerking the plate away from him.

He laughed and said innocently, “A person would think you don’t trust me.”

“Huh,” she said. “Fancy that.”


  1. Good thing there are only two of you… I learned LONG ago to protect MY food! It’s funny… waaaaaaay back when it was just Amanda & I, I thought it was SO CUTE that even if she got her OWN sundae, she always ate the LAST bite of mine! By the time I had a husband and 4 kids, sharing didn’t seem so “cute” anymore! LOL!

  2. oops, either you’re not making enough food ot the survival instincts are alive and well…
    hope he at least made you a drink πŸ™‚

  3. That’s what She said, jewaira. Though perhaps not in the same tone of voice.

    melli, the only sensible “sharing” response to spouse and four kids is barbed wire and Dobermans. πŸ˜‰

    polona, one look at our bathroom scale and you’d know to discard option no. 1. Sigh. And yes I made her a drink, but not that kind. If I did, all She’d do was say that I was driving her to it. Can I help it if she’s such a good cook?

  4. Jewaira — welcome! Stop by anytime.

    Melli — did you ever come to wonder how you managed to gain weight in the first place?

    Polona —
    I cook enough food that I am certain there will be leftovers — and He eats it!

    OC — you are sweet and I do love you, but don’t think I’m falling for the flattery. You still can’t hold my plate. :*

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