Miss Behaving

For Christmas She sewed him a bag to carry his musical supplies in. He proudly carries it with him to all his practices.

One evening He came home from practice late and tired. He trudged the trumpet case, the supply bag, and his laptop case and a dripping umbrella up three flights of stairs. She was waiting at the top for him with their apartment door open. He stumbled into the living room and wearily divested himself of his burdens.

When He let go of the music bag, it slowly listed sideways then stopped at a precarious angle. He stared at it for a moment, then reached out and stood it upright. It slouched over again. Once more He set it upright, ordering it to, “Stay!” It did. He looked surprised.

“Hey,” She said. “Why are you surprised? Any bag I made for you would have to be obedient.”

He reached out and pulled her into a hug as He queried pointedly, “You mean like you are?”

She tried to look outraged, but cracked up laughing. “Well,” She said. “Maybe just a little bit better.”


  1. But Melli, the freezer freezes; the refrigerator cools; the dishwasher washes; the garbage disposal disposes; the shower showers and the toilet flushes. The stove, oven and microwave all do the cooking thing. The dressers hold our clothes. The fans fan; the lights light; the coffee pot brews … the lady of the house is a lady and the gentleman of the house is a gentleman. All is as it should be. Mostly. With maybe just a little bit more sass and vinegar than the average home.

  2. Kat — not sneaky! Well, maybe in a “Surprise!” sort of way, but I prize honesty, so most of my “sneaky” falls in the category of fun. As to “compliant”, only as far as I think makes good, logical sense. Even at work I have been known to break rules, but not the major “we’re gonna fire your butt” ones. Just the silly ones, like Christmas parties without sweets (get a grip, what’s the point?), but I wasn’t sneaky about breaking it!

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