Posted by: Quilly | February 10, 2008

Random Silliness

She said: “I have to see to the soup.”

He said: “Shouldn’t you “S” the soup?”

She frowned and said: “Huh?”

He said: “Shouldn’t you “S” it? After all, it’s ssssoup.”

Her frown cleared. “No. I am going to “C” the soup. You knew I was spelling challenged long before you took up with me.”

~ * * * ~ * * ~ * * * ~

She said: “I’m going to iron your shirt.”

He said: “Steel them.”

She said: “Steal what?”

He said: “My shirts. In this day and age I am certain you should steel them.”

She said: “You aren’t making any sense! Why would I want to steal . . . Oh! Steel. Right.” She gave him that look and said dryly, “That was really very funny, honey.”

~ * * * ~ * * ~ * * * ~

She said: “I just washed this table cloth and it’s dirty already. Look, there is a ring all the way around your plate!”

He said: “The nachos were messy!”

She moved her plate. “Look,” she said. “Not a crumb. Not a spot. Not a mark.”

“Yes,” he nodded his head. “But my shirt is still clean.”

“Oh!” Her hand flew to her chest and she stared at him open-mouthed.

He sauntered away smirking.


  1. heh heh you guys are sweet!

  2. Are you SURE he shirt WAS clean??? Sometimes they hide theirs under the tablecloth… on the belly! Better check next time!

  3. Polona — check for cavities.

    Melli — he was clean. He doesn’t have any — uhm — body parts that stop the food from falling to the table.

  4. I often find crumbs in hubby’s belly button or back hair.

  5. Lori — I posted something similar in regards to OC’s belly button on someone else’s site and I was told TMI. OC also received condolences for having to put up with me. Thank you for being uncouth with me!

  6. these kinds of exchanges
    would send me to
    the nearest psych ward…

  7. … ya shoulda known better than to feed natchos to a trumpet-playing irish lad.


  8. Punch — sometimes they start me along that path. Other times I get on a roll and drive him crazy.

    Sauerkraut — I didn’t feed him. He fed himself. Perhaps that’s the problem!

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