Random Silliness

She said: “I have to see to the soup.”

He said: “Shouldn’t you “S” the soup?”

She frowned and said: “Huh?”

He said: “Shouldn’t you “S” it? After all, it’s ssssoup.”

Her frown cleared. “No. I am going to “C” the soup. You knew I was spelling challenged long before you took up with me.”

~ * * * ~ * * ~ * * * ~

She said: “I’m going to iron your shirt.”

He said: “Steel them.”

She said: “Steal what?”

He said: “My shirts. In this day and age I am certain you should steel them.”

She said: “You aren’t making any sense! Why would I want to steal . . . Oh! Steel. Right.” She gave him that look and said dryly, “That was really very funny, honey.”

~ * * * ~ * * ~ * * * ~

She said: “I just washed this table cloth and it’s dirty already. Look, there is a ring all the way around your plate!”

He said: “The nachos were messy!”

She moved her plate. “Look,” she said. “Not a crumb. Not a spot. Not a mark.”

“Yes,” he nodded his head. “But my shirt is still clean.”

“Oh!” Her hand flew to her chest and she stared at him open-mouthed.

He sauntered away smirking.


  1. Lori — I posted something similar in regards to OC’s belly button on someone else’s site and I was told TMI. OC also received condolences for having to put up with me. Thank you for being uncouth with me!

  2. Punch — sometimes they start me along that path. Other times I get on a roll and drive him crazy.

    Sauerkraut — I didn’t feed him. He fed himself. Perhaps that’s the problem!

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