Posted by: Quilly | February 12, 2008

He Says She’s Bugging Him

The phone rang.  She answered it — sort of.

He said: “It sounds like your voice is almost gone.”

She croaked: “It comes and goes.”

He said:  “I’m finished early.  I’ll be home in an hour.”

She said: “Well then would you like me to cook you dinner, or are you still going to eat out?”

He said: “I’m not feeling all that well myself.  I don’t want a big dinner.”

She said: “What’s wrong?”

He described an unpleasant intestinal malady.

She said: “From too much salad?” Because that’s all he’s been taking for lunch.

He said: “Possibly, but I doubt it.  I probably have some preschool bug.”

She said: “Where the heck would you get that?”

He said:  “Gee, I don’t know.  Do you have any idea?”

She said:  “None whatsoever!”

He said: “Pft!”



  1. Yea… that’s what hangin’ around preschoolers will getcha! Or middle schoolers… or high schoolers… I’ve been SO healthy since I quit SUBBING!!! LOL!
    COULD be he picked up a College Bug! (but probly it IS a preschool bug – they are smaller and can squeeze into mischievous spaces!)

  2. But Melli, he hasn’t been near preschool in weeks! 😉

  3. you didn’t happen to have the same bug now, did you?

  4. Polona, if we do it’s attacking us in different ways. Whatever is bugging me is sitting on my chest. OC’s ailment is, uhm, … lower.

  5. I get all the ole folk bugs.

  6. Brian — you can change that up. Walk down to your local elementary school and volunteer to do cafeteria or play ground duty. I guarantee you’ll discover a whole different bug culture. (Pun intended.)

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