He Says She’s Bugging Him

The phone rang.  She answered it — sort of.

He said: “It sounds like your voice is almost gone.”

She croaked: “It comes and goes.”

He said:  “I’m finished early.  I’ll be home in an hour.”

She said: “Well then would you like me to cook you dinner, or are you still going to eat out?”

He said: “I’m not feeling all that well myself.  I don’t want a big dinner.”

She said: “What’s wrong?”

He described an unpleasant intestinal malady.

She said: “From too much salad?” Because that’s all he’s been taking for lunch.

He said: “Possibly, but I doubt it.  I probably have some preschool bug.”

She said: “Where the heck would you get that?”

He said:  “Gee, I don’t know.  Do you have any idea?”

She said:  “None whatsoever!”

He said: “Pft!”


  1. Yea… that’s what hangin’ around preschoolers will getcha! Or middle schoolers… or high schoolers… I’ve been SO healthy since I quit SUBBING!!! LOL!
    COULD be he picked up a College Bug! (but probly it IS a preschool bug – they are smaller and can squeeze into mischievous spaces!)

  2. Brian — you can change that up. Walk down to your local elementary school and volunteer to do cafeteria or play ground duty. I guarantee you’ll discover a whole different bug culture. (Pun intended.)

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