Cause & Effect

She knew he took the car when he left home at a ridiculously early hour that morning, but for some reason the consequences of that act didn’t occur to her. She bathed and brushed and combed as usual. She checked the blogs as usual. She even enjoyed a bit of juice and a banana for breakfast, then answered an email to a friend.

She glanced again at the clock, gave the house a vague once over, then walked to the counter to get the — bus pass?

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! She dashed to the bedroom and grabbed her socks, stuffed her feet into them and jammed into her shoes. House keys, house keys! Where are the — oh there! She ran to the door and — decided she should put her blouse on before leaving the house.

She looked at the clock, snatched the bus pass off the counter and dashed for the door. She hustled down the stairs like greased — molasses –, waddled across the parkinglot as fast as she could limp, then She huffed and puffed uphill (okay, slope) as fast as she could — only to hear the bus go by when she was only halfway to the stop. Lovely.

She looked at her watch, grabbed her cell phone and called Ms. Jewls’ cell phone to tell her she’d be a bit late. She ended that call and dialed again. He answered. She told him all of her woes — they were his fault because usually when He takes the car for the day he always takes her to work. She told him that He should have pointed out to her that since he was leaving early, he wouldn’t be there to drive.

He wondered what happened to the intelligent lady he fell in love with. He didn’t say that though. He said, “I’m sorry you’re having a bad morning. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.” She told him she loved him, too.

The call ended just as She reached the top of the slope and turned the corner. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There at the bus stop was the bus! She sprinted the last few yards and climbed aboard. “I thought I missed it,” she said to the lady she sat beside. “I know I heard a bus go down the hill.”

“It was the school bus,” the lady answered.

She was very happy to be on the bus at all — and relieved to be on the only one that could get her to work on time — and overjoyed to discover she had all of her clothes on.


  1. Awwwwww! I’m sO glad I stopped in here to read this before I went to bed! And I’m so glad it all worked out okay… and it had a happy ending…. I do LOVE a happy ending! 🙂

    (see you in a few days!)

  2. my thoughts exactly… how can ending at school be a happy ending…
    but i do hope the real ending to the v-day was a happy one.

  3. Brian — the stuff nightmares are made of come from real life!

    Polona — OC left the house at 4:45 a.m. and returned at 10:15 p.m. — it was an early meeting / late band rehearsal day. However, between the two he called me and we talked for an hour (he couldn’t come home because that time of day the drive takes 2 hours one way!). It really doesn’t matter that we couldn’t be together on Valentine’s Day because he makes certain I know he loves me everyday — that’s more important then a gift he bought because the calendar told him to, or a really expensive dinner eaten in an over-packed, over-priced restaurant.

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