Bet Me!

He said: “Hon, it’s an island. It’s not like you can really get lost.”


  1. Melli — the original road planners on Oahu had no forward thought. They never envisioned or planned for a large population. Most of the roads — especially the roads downtown — are too narrow for the amount of traffic they carry, so you can travel for miles on a road marked “no left turns.” That’s not good if you absolutely have to go left to get back to your destination.

    Many roads are often one way, and the road for taking traffic back in the opposite direction is never more than five or six CITY BLOCKS to the left.

    At no time was I actually lost but I sure as hell couldn’t figure out how to get to where I needed to be!

  2. i think whether you can get lost or not depends on the size of the island (i, for instance, have no problems getting lost in a building)

  3. There was an Old Episode of Hawaii-Five0 where McGarrett was chasing a Bad Guy in the hills to the tune of Marty Robbins’s “Big Iron”. McGarrett got lost looking for the bad guy until someone thought Helicopter.

    Truth be known, I can get lost in Calgary if I put my mind to it.


  4. Bill, all McGarrett had to do was go down hill. He’d have come to civilization — depending on which island he was on. And I can get lost in a building, so it’s a sure bet I can get lost even on a small island.

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