Patience Questioned

He was in one room reading. She was in another room with her computer. “Hon?” She called. He answered. She asked him a question and he answered that also. Several minutes later she called him again with another question, which he answered. A few more minutes passed.

She called, “Hon?”

He responded, “Yes?”

She said, “Do you know if — oh, never mind. I will just come in there.” She walked to him. His book was open and he was clearly reading. She settled beside him and rested her chin on his shoulder, then she asked her question. He answered, she thanked him, kissed him on the cheek and moved a foot or two away.

Several minutes passed. She asked him another question. He answered.

Several minutes passed. She asked him another question. He answered.

Several minutes passed. She asked him another question. He sighed — and answered.

She scooted back to his side and once again rested her chin on his shoulder. “I was wondering –,” she said.

He closed his book on his finger and turned his head just enough so their eyes met. “Yes?” He queried.

“I was wondering –,” she repeated, “– how long you were going to put up with my silly questions.”

He said, “I was wondering that myself, but we won’t have to find out. I think I’ll just brush my teeth and call it a night.”

He took his book with him when he left the room. She noted that it took him 45 minutes to brush his teeth.


  1. Imagine that! One can probably do a LOT of reading while brushing teeth… since NO ONE would ask questions of a toothbrusher! (of course, I couldn’t even PRETEND to take that long anymore…) *sigh*

  2. quilly, you naughty girl!
    gosh, i could kill if someone interrupted my reading for less than immediate emergency (not really but you get the picture) so hats off to OC, the long toothbrushing notwithstanding 🙂

  3. TLP — he’s read for two days straight now. I only get to talk to 4 year olds all day and OC doesn’t talk to me when he comes home — and then when he does stop to listen to me he wants to know why I talk baby talk! Well, gee, let me think …..

    Kat — depends on how long he stays. We only have the one bathroom.

  4. Your behavior sounds a lot like you have been working with four year olds all day…oh…you have been doing that! O.C. did would I would do when my kids were asking me questions all day except I would take a bath when my husband came home so he had to deal with all their questions. He could handle it because he knew they would be in bed in a short time.

  5. Lori — I just wanted to talk to a grown up! OC, who works in a lab all day and is the boss — in and out of meetings and forever answering questions — wanted peace and quiet. One of us wasn’t going to get what we needed.

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