The Other Shoe?

He came home from work and said, “Today’s business meeting went really well. Much better than I expected.”

She: “Why? What did you expect?”

He: “Oh, I don’t know. I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

She: “Oh! I know that feeling. I have it, too. I mean, I live in Hawaii. I live in a gorgeous condo. And I have a wonderful man.”

He: “You have an wonderful man? Where is he?”

She: “Very funn–”

He: “Are you holding out on me?”

She giggled: “Why? Do you want a wonderful man?”

He looked surprised then laughed: “You know what I meant.”

She: “I’m not so sure. I’m thinking I should be worried.”

Still laughing, he hugged her: “I don’t know, if I’m saying things like that, I’m thinking I should be worried!”

She said: “Its okay, honey. It’s not like anybody else will ever know.”


  1. OC — all the shoes lined up in the closet and jealous of the sandals that actually get to go out.

    Brian — I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and held it. OC objects to being called wonderful. He doesn’t seem to realize that people will know my opinion is severely biased. Your email note reminded me I’d written this, so I reread the post, decided I liked it and published it.

  2. Yep, Tina. Pretty much. I can only count what I see. What I see is that I’ve gone from 100 hits per day to about 20. For everyone else, the romance seems to have worn off OC and I.

  3. NOpe! Not a soul! Not in this Blog meet Blog world!
    And whaddya MEAN this blog might FADE away??? THEN what will I do??? Ye who operates 6 blogs is going to let THIS one fall by the wayside just because of a little thing like lackadaisical readership??? PUH-leeeeeze! And… I’m not MISSING!

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