Posted by: The Amoeba | February 29, 2008

Bottle Meme

OFP’s Message in a Bottle

Tagged by Cooper. The origin of the meme lies with Mimi. Don’t start.

If you like the idea (obviously I did), consider yourself tagged. There are rules, see Mimi’s post to read and follow them.

And may the Force be with you.

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. Quite wonderful.

    I figured, though you mostly take things from the sea and study them, it was not a stretch for you to throw something out there as well.

  2. it was not a stretch for you to throw something out there

    Funny you should mention that, Cooper …

  3. *sigh*… I’ve been tagged by others for this one too…. I’m just not “feelin’ it”… I dunno…

  4. oh… that’s a wonderful take on the theme…

  5. Melli – how about: “Thanks to the contents of this bottle, somewhere, there are pink elephants on parade“. 😉

    Polona – thanks. Where’s yours? This would seem to be right up your alley …

  6. […] participated, then tagged O’Ceallaigh & The Quill.  I told OC he had to respond to the tag because Cooper is his girl-friend. He did such a good job […]

  7. “is his girl-friend”? Oh I’m confused.

    Maakt niet uit. I meme’d.

  8. Morgan — just a running joke in our home. Cooper is young, beautiful and intelligent. I pretend to be jealous of OC’s blogging exchanges with her, and he lets me.

  9. Besides. I’m not entirely convinced that Cooper’s over Bill Moyers. Not to mention that trumpets don’t compete well with violins.

  10. I caught the beautiful part right away. But wow, even too young for me, and I like to live… adventurously.

  11. Looks can be deceiving, Morgan. So can ages. But – a Technorati Authority of 240 matched with one of 30? It’d never work.


  12. oh well… quilly says this means i’m tagged (strange language indeed, this english 😉 )

    ok, i’ll try to come up with something soon

  13. Polona! I didn’t see this when I made the comment on the following post. Yay! I am looking forward to your presentation.

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