Posted by: Quilly | March 6, 2008

Side Effect

She woke him and asked if he was going to work. He said, “Yes, I have things to get done.” Then he promptly went back to sleep. She showered, shampooed, brushed and combed, then woke him again. He said, “I’ll get up in a minute.”

Thirty minutes later she kissed his cheek, palmed the car keys and left the house. It was his turn to have the car, but she figured the best way to keep him from deciding to go ahead and go to work when he woke, was to take his transportation.

She expected to be in trouble when she got home from work, but he was feeling so poorly he didn’t take issue with being stranded. Moreover, he said he’s not even going to pretend he’s going to work tomorrow. She’s happily surprised. Apparently common sense is a side effect of this virus.*

Ladies, would you like me to bottle some for your man?

*untested hypothesis



  1. Can I have some for Honey AND some for Mom? 2 portions — pretty please?

  2. erm… thank you but no thank you… i wouldn’t want any side effects

  3. Melli — I’ll mail you a used hanky, just drop it on the floor and ask each of them to pick it up. The germ will get them.

    Polona — the side-effect is what you do want, it’s the itself cold that isn’t so wonderful.

  4. sorry, i was thinking something else… you know how some men become unbearable when infested with a virus… not even common sense would help in such a case…

  5. Polona — OC becomes very quiet — well, except for the snoring ….

  6. Hubby has to be REALLY sick before he’ll contemplate staying home. He has a very interesting side effect – his bottom lip drops and he gets very clingy, just like a child!

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