Posted by: Quilly | March 7, 2008

He Is Confusing

She said:  “Ice cream?”

He said: “Yes, but I want you to serve me half as much as you have.”

She queried:  “You want half as much ice cream as I serve myself?”

He said:  “No, I want less ice cream than you’ve been serving me.  Scoop less.”

She queried:  “Scoopless?  What, you want me to use a fork?”

He heaved a heavy sigh, shook his head, no, then said, “Yes!”

She said:  “Talking to you is very confusing!”

He repeated: “Talking to me is confusing?!”

She said, “I’m glad you agree.”



  1. ha, but confusing in a delightful way.

  2. You think? You have to know that being this silly is hard work!

  3. You know…. Mom would fit RIGHT in at y’all’s house.

  4. Melli — Oh? Does she want a fork and the other half of OC’s scoopless ice cream?

  5. OK Quilly ~ I am confused ;), Seriously Ice Cream would go down good now. Too late for the store, I will have to get some on the way home from the doctor’s office tomorrow

  6. It’s nice to see that your verbal bantering is as good as ever. Of course I use the word “good” loosely.

  7. Bill — I’d be more concerned if you weren’t confused!

    Bazza — So the rumors are true, you are loose!

  8. ROFL! Nooo… actually it was MY mother that used to eat ice cream with a FORK — and would blow on every bite! (to cool it off?)

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