Posted by: Quilly | March 10, 2008

Ba Da Boom — & 1 Aaaaw

She told him he was very well-rounded.

He said: “It’s because you feed me too much.”


She said: “I adore you.”

He said: “So that’s why my nose is sore. I thought it looked flatter than usual.”

She said: “Damn. I was hoping to knock some sense into you. Didn’t work.”


He said, “I didn’t sleep a bit last night.”

She said, “Oh, did your snoring keep you awake, too?”


They were on their way to the airport. He was leaving for a three day business trip on a nearby island. She said: “Couldn’t you just fly home every night and sleep here?”

He said: “I seriously considered it. The cost is about the same as staying, but the meeting schedule conflicts with the flight times.”

She was content just knowing he’d rather be home.



  1. That last one definitely is an “Awwww”.

  2. Love is Grand ~ I am happy for you and OC

  3. You labeled those right on the money! Ya can’t help but Awwwww on the last one!

  4. ditto all of the above…

  5. Nice line, dude.

  6. Mumma — it is nice to be loved.

    Bill — I wish for yu the same kind of happiness.

    Melli — OC is better at showing me he loves me. He doesn’t often say the right thing — but he does have his moments.

    Polona — same to you. 😉

    Doug — pft.

  7. Yeah, I’m well rounded too, and strangely using the same excuse as well!

  8. Bazza — I feed you too much? How is that when I never see you at the table?

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