Maybe It’s the Windex?

He cuts his own hair — and does so well enough that he doesn’t come out looking like he’s suffering mange. However, She has discovered there is an inexplicable correlation between her cleaning the bathroom and his hair cuts.

She cleaned the bathroom the other day. She scrubbed the walls from top to bottom, cleaned the air vent and the ceiling fan, then did all the other standard bathroom cleaning things. Well, she did have some small difficulty cleaning the mirror, but that was an unusual occurrence.

He came home from work. He went into her sparkling clean bathroom — and stayed.

And stayed.

And stayed.

She didn’t ask. Somethings deserve a measure of privacy. [ 😉 ] Finally, He emerged from the bathroom.

She — having waited so long — rushed right in and discovered her shiny glass and chrome had sprouted hair! What th —! Immediately she exited the bathroom and went in search of him. She found him in the kitchen innocently getting a drink of water. She gave him that look. He froze. “Wha —?” He queried all innocent like.

“What is it,” she asked, pointing toward the hall, “about a clean bathroom that makes it imperative you cut your hair?”

Still frozen like a mouse being scrutinized by a cat, he answered, “I, uh, well, uhm, — it’s just coincidence!”

Ha! She doesn’t believe that and she knows He doesn’t either. It has happened enough times that there is a definite cause-and-effect relationship. Maybe she should get a scientist in to study the phenomenon?


  1. NO! It’s NOT coincidence! I have the exact SAME problem – only instead of it being in OUR bathroom, it’s in The Boy’s bathroom! And HE thinks it’s all MY fault because I don’t happen to CLEAN the bathroom the day after he cuts his hair or shaves…. But he ALWAYS cuts his hair — or shaves — the night I clean the bathroom!!!

  2. Polona — my scientist studies plants and protozoa. When I asked him if he’d study the hair cutting phenomena he responded, “I ain’t even going there!”

    Bazza — he doesn’t walk around the house wearing his reading glasses. He’d just look at me all perplexed like and say, “What sign?”

  3. See, it’s a Y chromosone thing. Nobody is here saying the women trash the bathroom the instant it’s cleaned. (Of course not! We clean them! Most men think they just magically never get dirty!)

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