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She came home from work one day, looking rather disgruntled. He, wondering what he’d screwed up this time, asked (somewhat nervously), “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t understand people ’round here”, She lamented. “Some of them don’t have two coins to bless themselves with, but God help you get their attention, never mind their respect, if your blouse or your bag doesn’t have that label on it!”

OK, dear readers, hands up. How many of you expect the next line to be, “And when am I going to get a bag with that label on it?”

Nope. Didn’t happen. Sorry to disappoint you. But if you’ve been here awhile, you should oughta know what a remarkable person She is by now. And just to reinforce the point, there’s the story (and maybe one day She’ll tell it better) of when some of her Las Vegas fifth-graders showed up in class wearing a particularly worrisome set of T-shirts with labels on them.

“What’ve you got those on for?”, She asked.

“Because they’re cool, Ms. A.” was the reply.

“So”, She continued, “you’re telling me that you don’t have any cool of your own, so you had to go out and buy someone else’s?”


Well, hey. Think about the last time you walked down a street in these Untied States of America with any number of people on it, or across a school yard or college campus or (shudder) shopping mall. Don’t all those people look like this?


OK, there’s a difference. Today, the advertisements for beer or fashion designers or tractors or whatever are printed on hats and shirts and purses and backpacks instead of on some funny-looking sign.

Make that two differences.

Once upon a time, advertisers paid the guys and gals in the sandwich boards to carry those ridiculous things around.


We pay the advertisers for the privilege of doing their selling!


Just to set the record straight. He has no objection to having things with this label or that on it.

Any time those labels are prepared to pay up for the privilege of touting their wares.


– O Ceallaigh
Copyright Ā© 2008 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


  1. Amen. The strangest thing is that the more expensive the purse, the more prominent the label. Look at Louis Vuitton. The cut of the bags are simple and attractive. But they are littered with logos and advertisements. And you’re supposed to pay upwards of $1300 for the privilege of letting people know that you paid too damn much for a purse!

    I will buy something if I like it and it’s inexpensive, regardless of the label. My husband won’t buy it if it’s got any sort of recognizable label.

  2. Oh, I’m WITH ya on this one! But I am EVER so thankful – THANK YOU LORD! – that my children’s infatuation with the almighty label only lasted about 2 years in High School – and then it was DONE! And Derek never did buy into it! As a matter of fact — he’s in the crowd that thinks it’s COOL to shop Good Will! Amen! Now… having said all that — I did just admit on my blog not long ago, that my newest handbag IS a label — but only because it really IS the handbag I just LOVED! MOST of my handbags come from Walmart or PayLess though!!! … so I don’t think it’s bad to HAVE it if you’re not JUST buying it FOR the label! I wouldn’t know a gucci from a vera!

  3. there are people who won’t wear a thing unless i has a label on. personally, i couldn’t care less as long as the stuff is comfortable and of reasonable quality.

  4. VERY clashing cymbals, OC. Calvin Klein is out. In fact, so is Louis Vuitton. Now it’s Seven for all Mankind and Balenciaga. Vuitton is soooo last night. šŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you addressed the economics in your comments. That’s the tough part of fashion. Do I buy the $20 jeans that will fall apart in 3 months and earned the person who made them a mere penny? Or do I buy the $300 jeans which last for years and pay their workers a more fair salary? It’s a difficult question.

  5. back a few posts you asked why I did what I did (I know, sometimes I can be a bit slow) (and 4 year old Harry and 6 year old Katie both refuse to let me on the computer anymore) Well, 9 out of 10 complainants are self serving, out for what they can get, assholes, but the 1 out of 10, well they deserve to be heard, and that’s where I come in. Am I popular at work?, no, do I care?, no, and the pays not bad either.

  6. Luckily they don’t usually make those labeled clothing in my XXX-Large size! I’m not sure if I would buy them and wear them anyway.

    I saw your comment on Silverneurotic’s blog about how deleting your blog would be like an amputation. Yeah.. it WAS a bit like that. I’m back blogging now (with a new blog) and I have to say those were some of the longest days of my life.

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